Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic places emphasis on the importance of the body as a whole for restoring mobility and eliminating pain.


Fact #1

Chiropractic adjustment has both physical and mental benefits in patients that suffer from mental illness or post-traumatic mental stress. Additionally, as chronic pain is healed through chiropractic care, mental health may also improve.

Fact #2

Chiropractic can have a significantly positive impact on a variety of health problems without the use of harmful drugs or invasive surgeries, including:

            •           Back pain

            •           Neck pain

            •           Shoulder pain

            •           Allergies/sinus problems

            •           Headaches and migraines

            •           Prepare the body for labor during pregnancy

            •           Whiplash

            •           Sciatica

Fact #3

Chiropractic care is widely utilized by athletes but can help anyone experiencing pain or physical stress, educating patients on how to correctly use their body to as to prevent and reduce risk of injury.

Fact #4

Chiropractic adjustments are safe for children as well as adults, especially for its drug-free approach. In children, chiropractic may help with:

            •           Cholic

            •           Nursing problems

            •           Acid reflux

            •           Sleep problems

            •           Allergies

            •           Colds

            •           Ear infections

Fact #5

Spinal misalignment can result in a number of health issues stemming from back pain; therefore, spinal adjustments work to also prevent conditions such as arthritis and bone degeneration. TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE BENEFITS ASSOCIATED WITH CHIROPRACTIC CARE, CALL US AT ARTISAN CHIROPRACTIC CLINIC.