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What Our Patients Are Saying…

Went in for physical therapy due to a motor vehicle accident the staff and the doctors were quite friendly. From day one of Consultation to being discharge them was very enthusiastic about getting me back to great health. I will definitely refer friends and family to this great clinic. Thank Doctors!

Charles Odeyemi

I love Artisan Chiropractic Clinic. The Dr. & Staff are professional, and respectful with constant smile on their face. From the moment I walked in to the clinic Till the time I left, it felt like I was on a different planet. The care I received was exceptional, loved the treatment and recommendations from the Doctor. I’m constantly looking forward to my next visit to Artisan Chiropractic Clinic.


Since I started therapy, the environment is clean, friendly and warm welcoming. They always call you to remind you of the appointment you have and they treat you with respect. The doctors are really good in what they do.

Anthony E Phillips Odi

Loved my time at Artisan! The atmosphere is amazing. The staff is nice and the clinic is clean and welcoming. They were very flexible and understanding of my schedule and did their best to provide me with stretches I could do on the days I could not make it in.

Peter Kalu

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