Is a chiropractor able to prescribe medication to their patients?

Accident doctors and chiropractors in Maryland are not able to write medical prescriptions nor perform surgery. They rely on the body’s own mechanisms to promote natural healing without the use of potentially harmful and addicting medications and/or traumatic surgeries.

Despite the effectiveness of chiropractic treatments for a variety of physical injuries and conditions, not everyone knows the role of a chiropractor and his or her practices. If you’ve had an ineffective treatment and are unsure of the next step, we welcome you to visit our team of skilled chiropractors so that you can find relief and healing for your pain and/or injury.

Does that mean that chiropractic does not value the use of medication?

Chiropractors strive to work with other medical care practitioners to optimize a patients care. Our chiropractors recognize the necessity of certain medications to promote the body’s own healing process and will never advise you to reduce your medication without the supervision of your prescribing physician.

An Integrated Approach to Health Care

Our team values an integrated health care approach and will work with your other professional providers, including physicians, therapists, nutritionists, etc., to optimize the healing process and promote your body’s overall health. We strive to give you a deeper understanding of the cause of your condition and implement an effective treatment strategy that will resolve your pain and other symptoms. Don’t hesitate to schedule your free consultation if you suffer from any of the following:

           • Pain involving the tendons, muscles, nervous system, cartilage, bones, and ligaments.

           • Injuries or spinal misalignments from car accidents as well as sports injuries.

           • Spine or joint pain

           • Problems with posture that have resulted in pain.

           • Chronic pain from old injuries

           • Acute pain from new injuries

           • Problems in controlling weight to improve posture and reduce joint pain.

Chiropractic treatments in the case of a car accident

Injuries from auto collision and accidents can often go undetected for long periods of time, in some cases even until after insurance claims have been already dealt with. However, it’s not uncommon to suffer from tremendous pain even years after. While auto accidents are a common occurrence, we are here to help you resolve your pain.

Common injuries

Due to the number of external circumstances and variables involved in car crashes, victims may also suffer from a variety of injuries and physical ailments including but not limited to the following:

            •           Whiplash

            •           Broken Bones

            •           Concussions

            •           Emotional Trauma

            •           Brain Injuries

            •           Back and Neck Problems

In the wake of a car accident, it may be necessary to consult with medical practitioners, both prescribing doctors and chiropractors, as well as a other professionals for legal advising.

Chronic pain from an accident

Chronic pain is a common result of car accidents and can be debilitating in every aspect. It makes everyday life tremendously difficult and can often be perceived as hopeless and without a solution, leading to depression and addiction that affect a person’s relationships and daily functions. Some may fear that their bodies will never be able to function normally again, especially if the medical bills have piled up out of one’s control.

How can a chiropractor help?

Chiropractic can offer a solution for chronic pain that doesn’t involve potentially addicting medications.

Our team will work hard to find the source of your problem and implement effective solutions, restoring equilibrium and alignment to your body’s central nervous system to promote healing for a healthy life without pain.


  1. Reducing inflammation

Car accidents often impar micro-tears of the muscles or ligaments that go undiagnosed under X-ray. Chiropractors are trained to realign the spinal column so as to heal such tears, therefore, reducing inflammation and pain.

  • Restoring and promoting physical mobility

Spinal adjustments work to restore your body’s natural range of motion by mobilizing the spine and neck. 

  • Healing without the use of harmful drugs

Our mission as chiropractors is to offer the same healing results without the use of damaging and addictive pain medications so that our patients are able to overcome their pain without being dependent on certain drugs to do so.

  • Legal assistance

If you’ve been hurt in an accident, our chiropractic will help to detail your injury to your insurance company and/or legal representation.

  • Eliminating scar tissue

Scar tissue is a common reality of injury from accident and can lead to muscle pain and stiffness. Chiropractic techniques work to disintegrate scar tissue to promote healing and resolve pain.


  • Patient history: we will will evaluate both your personal and family medical history as well as the source of injury and pain.
    • The exam: our experts will conduct a series of physical examinations to evaluate your body’s range of motion and muscular strength.
    • Possible diagnostic exam: in the case of needing further medical evaluation, your chiropractor may conduct a series of lab tests, x-rays, and/or an MRI.

If you or a family member has been involved in an automobile collision, call us today and we will begin to resolve your injury with a unique treatment plan customized to your needs.