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How To Handle A Hit And Run Accident?

hit and run accidents

When you’re involved in a crash, and the other driver runs away from the scene, that’s called “hit and run.” Whether someone dented your vehicle in the parking lot in your absence or when it was generally hit by someone while you were in the car, we are here to guide you in this situation. 

Things to do after or in a Hit and Run Situation

Consider the following steps if someone hits your car and drives away:

  1. Call 911 if someone was injured or when you were in the vehicle when it got hit: When help is on its way, make a list of all the details you remember about the vehicle or driver that hit you, like the made and model, license plate number (even if you remember one figure), and the color. 
  2. Search for witnesses: Ask the people around you who witnessed the accident. If you discover any witnesses, gather their contact information in case your insurance company or the police need to reach them. 
  3. Take some pictures: If it is possible, take pictures of the scene where the crash took place and any damage to your vehicle. If you notice the paint of the hitter’s vehicle on yours, take a picture of it as well.
  4. Report the hit and run situation immediately: Yes, a hit and run is a crime, and it is important you report it right away. Once you’ve informed the police, you might have to visit a collision reporting center nearby. If the police believe the damage to be minor and not worthy enough to be reported, then write that officer’s badge number, phone number, and name so your insurance company can follow up. If you keep the incident to yourself by not reporting, the case might be an “At-fault” defeat by your insurer, meaning it could have an effect on your car insurance. 

Do car insurance offer hit and run accident coverage?

Whenever your vehicles suffer from a hit and run accident, the effects are covered by the collision coverage insurance. If you don’t have collision coverage, then you have to pay for the damage yourself. 

However, if a witness can identify the vehicle and the driver that hit you and ran away, and if your province offers Direct Compensation Property Damage (DCPD), the DCPD might be able to cover the costs of the damage.

Do you have to pay your deductible dues after a hit and run?

If you try making a claim after a hit and run, you’ll probably have to pay the deductible for the part of your policy that covers the damage. For instance, if your collision coverage is covering your claim, you will have to pay the deductible made for that part of your policy. However, if your claim is covered by your DCPD coverage, then you have to pay the DCPD deductible. 

Will the cost of my car be affected by a hit and run?

The cost of your car after a hit and run will not be affected, only if you report the incident immediately to your insurance company and the police and they both consider it to be a “not-at-fault-“ loss. However, if the cost of your insurance does rise, then that would be for other reasons not because of the hit and run. 

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